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Wunderman Thompson
Earth from Space

DON't Choose Extinction


The dinosaurs had an asteroid; what's our excuse?

We've all heard the same tired excuses - 'My changes won't have any impact', 'It's too late to make a difference'... the list is exhaustive.

The world spends hundreds of billion of dollars on fossil fuel subsidies every year, but if the human race is to survive, priorities need to shift. The pandemic has sent the world into turmoil, but it also provides a unique window of opportunity to re-imagine a sustainable future.


In partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Wunderman Thompson developed a campaign supported by an interactive online experience, showcased at the 2021 United Nations Summit. My role was to design a website to showcase the unique initiatives and content created as part of the Don't Choose Extinction campaign.


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A digital ecosystem that prompts self reflection, and action.

The aim of the website is to inspire the world to move from apathy to action. The experience allows users to click into each excuse that threatens our survival, pictured as asteroids looming above the earth. Within each they will find information to debunk that excuse, and tools to provide direct action. 

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