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Landing Page Design
Digital & OOH Campaign
UI Design
Art Direction
Wunderman Thompson
Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen

Breaking down our monster plastic problem


Our plastic pollution problem is an enemy that can't be ignored.

A report by HP and Planet Ark found that when it comes to environmental sustainability, Australians rate marine plastic pollution as their top concern. HP has been committed to reducing their footprint for 25+ years, creating sustainable ink and toner cartridges from recycled materials and breaking them down after use through a closed-loop recycling process.


To bring attention to our monster plastic problem and HP’s efforts to reduce it, I designed two landing pages and led the art direction for an awareness campaign based on a virtual and physical four metre high beast. Our beast weighed over 200kg, was 4m high and was entirely made out of ocean plastic, containing over 2,400 plastic bottles.

Through OOH displays, social activations and two interactive landing pages, our campaigns and content shed light on a monstrous issue.

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A two-phased approach

Prior to the reveal of our plastic pollution beast, we created an educational website to support our teaser campaign. Visitors to the website could interact with images of sea life to learn about the impacts of pollution on the marine environment, driving engagement through discovery and learning.

Our 200kg, 4m high beast activation was made from over 2,400 plastic bottles and was displayed at Circular Quay and the Maritime Museum in Sydney. In the second phase of the website design and development, visitors could interact with a 3D model of the plastic beast. The Beast was designed specifically to engage the public with the environmental cause it represents, which allowed us to use it as a interactive medium to help educate the public on the impacts of plastic pollution.

Image by sk
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