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Wunderman Thompson
Image by Aaron Burden

a big campaign tackling a wee problem


Just how big is our wee problem?

Global studies found 1 in 9 adults suffer from Overactive Bladder (OAB), a socially stigmatised and sometimes debilitating bladder condition. Here in Australia, there was nary a whisper about this condition, much less an easy or private way for Australians to check their bladder health.


Our job was to raise awareness through a relatable, subtle, tongue-in-cheek campaign. My role was to design the online experience that would support our OAB campaign and help Australians self-diagnose.


A light-hearted online diagnostic tool and easy access to resources made a scary process much more approachable.

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Water balloons provided a fun analogy for an overactive bladder.

Using this motif across web, OOH placements and a tongue-in-cheek flash mob activation involving long train queues and portaloos, we gave Australians the knowledge and tools to help themselves.

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